Monday, September 26, 2011

Sugar Maples Revisited

1951 Playing Ping Pong

Where did you spend your summer vacations? Mine were spent at Sugar Maples, in Maplecrest, NY,  a Catskill resort near Hunter.  I loved that place, there was lots to do. Our relatives often went there, too. These photos were taken by my Uncle using a Realist 3D camera. Taken in the summer of 1951, the colors are still vivid as are the memories.

Sugar Maples has made a comeback. It is now reincarnated as a Creative Arts Center run by the Catskills Mountain Foundation. You can see more about it at  In 2004 I paid a visit to Sugar Maples, while it was undergoing renovation. Although I haven't visited since then and don't know exactly what it looks like, it appeared at that time they they were trying to restore many of the buildings to their original splendor.

Here are some comparative photos from 1951 and 2004.
1951 Pool with Recreation Center at left

2004 The pool no longer exists, covered in dirt

1951 View of Tennis Courts from Pool, note the chairs

2004 Believe these are the same chairs, sans tennis courts

1951 Rear Entrance to Dining Room

2004 Rear entrance to Dining Hall

 1951 Pool Area
2004 Pool Area: note that after 1951 a closed in area was built by above the pool, this remains but the pool is gone

Since I didn't have the 3D slides in 2004, I couldn't try to take photos from the same locations. Another project to add to my list!

Here are some more of the 3D slides:

We always went horseback riding, starting with ponies